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The Danny Foundation for Autism provides assistance to individuals with autism and their families

From the September 2013 Center for Autism Resources for Central Massachusetts newsletter:

The Danny Foundation has recently announced the availability of funding to provide assistance to individuals with autism and their families. Preference will be given to Massachusetts residents and organizations. The foundation will provide funds to organizations and individuals (the amount available to a single applicant in a given fiscal year is $100-$500; please do not request a grant in excess of $500): to assist families in the care of individuals with autism, including respite care; to help educate individuals regarding the diagnosis and treatment of autism; and to support professionals in furthering their education in the field of treating individuals with autism.

We are open to innovative projects that will provide increased independence for people with autism or increased family time. Your application must include the attached grant application cover sheet. Donations made to individuals will be need (financial) based. Explain your financial need. Please indicate why you qualify. We suggest you include a copy of your latest federal tax return. Please specify other current sources of assistance such as DDS, School District, Mass Health, etc. Without this information your request is incomplete and will not be reviewed.

Key Dates: Proposal postmarked by: October 15, 2013 Committee Evaluation: November 30, 2013 Notification: December 23, 2013

If you would like to apply for a Danny Foundation grant, you can download the application here.

Applications must be mailed to: Janet Abrahamson, Chairperson, 166 Mill Street Stoughton, MA 02072.

Download your Danny Foundation Grant application