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Back to school at work. Behavioral Concepts, Inc. (BCI) partners with Bay Path University on workplace Master’s Degree program

photo of Brittany Freitas

Brittany Freitas

“I would love to get my Master’s but just haven’t got the time.” That’s a common lament of many people in the work force. Behavioral Concepts, Inc. (BCI), a company of behavioral clinicians specializing in the care of children with autism in Central Massachusetts, recently partnered with Bay Path University where BCI staff members can earn their Master’s degree and board certified behavior analyst (BCBA®) certification without leaving the office.

“As a company that works with children with autism spectrum disorders, we are often able to only provide the services that are covered by the family’s insurance. Most insurance carriers require case managers with a BCBA® certification. So, it’s in the best interest of the families we work with as well as our company that we have as many staff members with the BCBA® certification as possible,” said  BCI Founder and Executive Director Dr. Jeff Robinson. “We are grateful to Bay Path University for working with us to put this program together.

BCBA-D and BCBA® are the highest levels of certification in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and are issued by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®. To be eligible for the BCBA® certification, a Master’s degree (or a PhD) is required as well as 1,500 hours of supervised experience in the field. The program enables BCI staff members to get their classroom instruction from Bay Path University teachers at BCI’s 345A Greenwood Street, Worcester location. In addition, students will do their required field work at BCI or the Center Applied Behavioral Instruction (CABI). CABI, a school for children with autism, is also located at 345 Greenwood.

“There are many ways this partnership is beneficial for all parties. It benefits the students for convenience and applicability to their everyday jobs. They can study and work toward their credential right at work, with their employer supporting a significant portion of the cost of their tuition. For BCI, it leads directly to more certified clinical coordinators and practitioners. For the university, it allows us to teach and work directly with student on site, better connecting the classroom and professional experiences for students,” said Dr. Susan Ansleigh, Bay Path University’s Director of Graduate Program in Applied Behavior Analysis.

As part of the program with Bay Path University, BCI picks up 60 percent of the tuition cost. Students/staff who take part in the program commit to working for BCI for two years after receiving their BCBA®.

photo of Rick Freitas

Rick Freitas

Fourteen BCI employees began the Bay Path University program last October. Rick and Brittany Freitas are brother and sister who both work at BCI and are enrolled in the BCBA program with Bay Path University.

“I knew I wanted to get my BCBA®. The how was the difficult part,” said Brittany Freitas, who has worked at BCI since January, 2015. “I’m grateful to have an employer like BCI who has made it possible for me, my brother and our co-workers to earn this extremely important certification.”

BCI staff members from the first class are slated to graduate with a Master’s degree in spring 2017 and will be able to sit for the BCBA® examination later that year.

Clinical coordinators interested in work opportunities at BCI can send a cover letter and resume to info@bciaba.org or by snail mail to: Behavioral Concepts, Inc., 345A Greenwood Street, Worcester, MA  01607, ATTN: Dr. Jeffrey Robinson.

For more information on Bay Path University, please visit http://www.baypath.edu/.

About Behavioral Concepts, Inc. (BCI)

Founded in 2002, BCI provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Occupational and Speech Therapy to children with autism and their families. These services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. It’s BCI’s goal to maximize individual potential, increase independence and enhance our clients’ quality of life within their home, school and community.

BCI provides center- and home-based services through health insurance and is an approved provider of Specialty ABA Services for Early Intervention in Central Massachusetts. BCI’s main care center, located at 345A Greenwood Street in Worcester, Massachusetts, offers  intensive treatment for young children aged 3 to 6 years of age, an after-school program for all school aged children and a weekend social skills program. BCI also provides in-home services within a one-hour radius of Worcester.

BCI’s Corporate Offices are located in Mansfield, Mass. For complete information, visit http://bciaba.com or to arrange a consultation with a BCI clinician, please call (508) 363-0200.