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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Worcester ABA Center Expansion

Center-based ABA services

ABA Therapist Kendall D-J and his client doing table work

By: Alison Senior (Direct of Center-based Services – Worcester)

Our Worcester ABA Center is thrilled to share that we will be expanding our space this fall. The expansion will create four new instructional areas, as well as an expanded sensory area, and will allow us to double our enrollment capacity for the Intensive Day Program. Both our Intensive Day Program and our After-school Program will expand to sixty children per session. We are so excited to be able to move some families off the wait-list while continuing to provide a high quality of clinical services to all our clients.

The new space will feature four new instructional areas, additional restrooms for targeting activities of daily living, and an expanded sensory area. Two of the instructional areas will be set up much like our existing Center space, with interactive play centers for structured leisure activities and cooperative play and table areas for group instruction and targeted social skills lessons. We will be able to expand upon the different play areas offered, including additional dramatic and exploratory play activities, and finally have homes for all the additional toys we’ve had in storage. We will also be adding a large area with individual cubbies and open table work areas, dedicated to discrete trial instruction time. This will allow each child to receive individualized instruction time, with limited distractions. Our fourth new space will be home to Circle time, creating dedicated space for group instruction in pre-academics, story time, as well as music and movement activities. In the lobby area of our new space, we will be creating an expanded sensory area, dedicating space to having multiple activity options available for a greater number of children to access at once.

With the expanded number of instructional areas available, we will be increasing the day program to at least six groups of up to 10 clients each. Having a greater number of groups gives us the opportunity to refine peer groups and individualize group activities based on skill level even further. Our group schedules will also be shifting to allow for more movement between instructional areas, building motor breaks into transition time, and have each client contact a greater number of different activities across their day.

We are so excited to share these new developments with you and cannot wait to show off the new space once we are up and running. If you would like more information about our Worcester Center-Based Services or if you would like to be added to the wait-list for an opening, please contact the main office at 508-363-0200.