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Amal Abdelgadir, Christine Grudoff and Cara Stevens join Behavioral Concepts, Inc. (BCI) as ABA therapists

photo of Amal Abdelgadir

Amal Abdelgadir

Behavioral Concepts, Inc. (BCI), a company of behavioral clinicians specializing in the care of children with autism in Central Massachusetts, recently hired Amal Abdelgadir, Cara Stevens and Christine Grudoff as ABA Therapists.

An ABA therapist is a person who uses applied behavior analysis as a form of treatment. Applied Behavior Analysis is the process of studying behavior in order to put into place appropriate behavioral interventions.

Amal Abdelgadir is a graduate of Worcester State University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. She resides in Worcester.

Christine Grudoff is also a graduate of Worcester State University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. In addition to her work as an ABA Therapist, she has been a preschool teacher for 16 years. Grudoff, a mother of three, lives in Worcester.

Cara Stevens received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Emmanuel College in Boston. She resides in Worcester.

“Based on a strong demand for ABA services, BCI experienced unprecedented growth in the first quarter of this year. We are delighted to bring Amal, Cara and Christine to provide much needed services for children with autism in the greater Worcester area,” BCI Founder and Director Dr. Jeff Robinson.

Based in Worcester, Mass. BCI provides much needed services to children with autism and their families. BCI instructional programs are delivered using discrete trial training, task analysis, and systematic prompting procedures implemented by ABA therapists who have successfully completed pre-service training, on-site, and quarterly evaluations by their clinical supervisors.

Instruction is provided across a variety of domains, included by not limited to: Activities of daily living, functional and augmentative communication, functional academics and community outings and safety awareness. Social skills groups with peer models are also offered as part of BCI’s services. A heavy emphasis is placed on generalization and maintenance of skills, in addition to family training, so that families may implement the supports and carry-over skills in the home.

For questions about programs offered by BCI, please visit www.bciaba.org or call 508-363-0200.