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BCI Fellowship Program with Worcester State University

College interns have been part of BCI’s culture for the past several years. Many of those interns came from Worcester State University. While a typical internship lasts a semester, we wanted to create a program that provided greater benefit to the interns. The end result was a fellowship program we developed with WSU.

Currently, we have three Worcester State University students participating in the yearlong fellowship program. Here’s a checklist of what participants in the fellowship program will experience:

  • Attend week-long comprehensive training for ABA techniques, jargon and methods as well as BCI specific staff requirements. Training culminates in an exam that must be passed in order to begin child specific orientation.
  • Attend and pass 8 hour CPI (non-violent crisis prevention and intervention) training.
  • Shadow Staff for complete sessions with a variety of clients.
  • Implement skill acquisition programs.
  • Implement Behavior Management Guidelines (BMGs) and/or Behavior Support Plans (BSPs)
  • Collect and graph data on skill acquisition goals.
  • Collect data on rates of behavior.
  • Participate in weekly/bi weekly supervision with Clinical Coordinator