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Facebook Testimonial

While you are thinking about what to do with the kids this summer, you may want to consider BCI’s summer Social Skills program. Here’s the calendar.

To explain why the summer program is even more important once school is out, read the following testimonial from our Facebook page.

“I wanted to say that often vacations can be overwhelming when you have a child, or in my case, children, on the Spectrum. Kids who thrive on routine are suddenly thrown off, and the comfort and stability are out the window. I’m not sure if anyone else has these issues, but vacations seemed more difficult than regular days. Over vacations, my boys still ask for the bus, get their backpacks, and even go to the porch to wait. It’s tough to try to explain that the bus isn’t coming today, later…but later when? We have just completed an awesome Spring Vacation Week, thanks to the amazing efforts of the BCI staff. My boys attended Social Groups every morning led by Miss Sally Burke. It was wonderful to have a routine and to have something that the boys could look forward to and more importantly enjoy doing! Each afternoon our incredible therapists came over to have some fun in the community. Squeezing into my van with the boys and sometimes even driving their own vehicles searchng for playgrounds with the best fences so the boys wouldn’t run into harm’s way, to finding the coolest McDonald’s PlayLand when the weather wasn’t perfect. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, and again, and again, BCI is an amazing company filled with caring, patient, understanding, educated staff and they have changed my family’s life. I am so grateful.”

Sophie Ewings