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Katie Meehan, Zachary Campbell and Kim Ercolini join Behavioral Concepts, Inc. (BCI) as ABA therapists

Katie Meehan

Katie Meehan

Kimberllee Ercolini

Kimberlee Ercolini

Zachary Campbell

Zachary Campbell

Behavioral Concepts, Inc. (BCI), a company of behavioral clinicians specializing in the care of children with autism in Central Massachusetts, recently hired Katie Meehan, Zachary Campbell, Kim Ercolini as ABA Therapists.

An ABA therapist is a person who uses applied behavior analysis as a form of treatment. Applied Behavior Analysis is the process of studying behavior in order to put into place appropriate behavioral interventions.

Katie Meehan earned a Bachelor of Science degree Fitchburg State University. She is also a resident of Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Zachary Campbell will receive his associate’s degree from Quinsigamond Community College in 2016. He lives in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

Kim Ercolini will be a 2016 graduatee of Worcester State University. Originally from Rockland, Massachusetts, she currently lives in Worcester.

“It takes a special individual to enter this line of work. It takes somebody who not only has the training but somebody who is also committed to personal growth. Representing the next generation of ABA therapists, Katie, Zachary and Kim have demonstrated those qualities and we look forward to watching them grow as professionals during their time at BCI,” BCI Founder and Director Dr. Jeff Robinson.

Based in Worcester, Mass. BCI provides much needed services to children with autism and their families. BCI instructional programs are delivered using discrete trial training, task analysis, and systematic prompting procedures implemented by ABA therapists who have successfully completed pre-service training, on-site, and quarterly evaluations by their clinical supervisors.

Instruction is provided across a variety of domains, included by not limited to: Activities of daily living, functional and augmentative communication, functional academics and community outings and safety awareness. Social skills groups with peer models are also offered as part of BCI’s services. A heavy emphasis is placed on generalization and maintenance of skills, in addition to family training, so that families may implement the supports and carry-over skills in the home.

For questions about programs offered by BCI, please visit www.bciaba.org or call 508-363-0200.

About Behavioral Concepts, Inc. (BCI)

Founded in 2002, BCI provides educational, behavioral, consultative and assessment services to children with autism and their families. These services are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. It’s BCI’s goal to maximize individual potential, increase independence and enhance our clients’ quality of life within their home, school and community.

BCI provides center- and home-based services through health insurance and is an approved provider of Specialty ABA Services for Early Intervention in Central Massachusetts. BCI’s main care center, located at 345A Greenwood Street in Worcester, Massachusetts, offers  intensive treatment for young children aged 3 to 6 years of age, an after-school program for all school aged children and a weekend social skills program. BCI also provides in-home services within a one-hour radius of Worcester.

BCI’s Corporate Offices are located in Mansfield, Mass. For complete information, visit http://bciaba.com or to arrange a consultation with a BCI clinician, please call (508) 363-0200.