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Motivational Speaker and Poet Russell Lehmann joins us for a third time to explore the gap between American culture and Autism culture and how it can be bridged.
Bridging the Gap Between Autism Culture and American Culture
Motivational Speaker and Poet Russell Lehmann joins us for a second time to share his perspectives on the words we use when discussing autism.
The Words We Use When Discussing Autism
Motivational Speaker and Poet Russell Lehmann joins us to share his perspectives on autism and the human condition. Having spent […]
An Honest Look at the Full Experience of Autism with Russell Lehmann
Mo Buti, an advocate and instructional expert for people with autism joins us to take a deep dive into the […]
Understanding the IEP Process and How to Best Advocate for Your Child

Dr. Feliciano joins us to share her thoughts on the recent change to autism statistics from the CDC, the value of participating in research, and the information that can be accessed (or declined) for those who do.

Current Autism Research and Why Families May Want to Participate
Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon and President of the Choose Kindness Foundation, Doug Carnine joins us to discuss […]
Lasting Happiness – How to be kinder to yourself and others
Dr. Debra Berry Malmberg is an Associate Professor of Psychology at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).
What It Takes to Become a Behavior Analyst with Dr. Debra Berry Malmberg

Kelly McKinnon-Bermingham who has been working in the field of autism for 27 years, and is a published author joins us to discuss the work of the September 26th Project which she co-chaired.

The September 26th Project: Safety Preparedness for Families with Autism

All Autism Talk Hosts Katherine Johnson and Richie Ploesch share their best holiday tips they’ve received over the years for your family.

Creating a Successful Holiday for Children with Autism