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In this episode we talk with Dr. Barry Prizant who has over 50 years of experience as a researcher and consultant for individuals with autism and their families about the SCERTS model, his theatre project, and his book Uniquely Human.

Using Theatre as a Teaching Tool for Individuals with Autism with Barry Prizant

In this episode we talk with researchers at Western Michigan University, Rebecca Eldridge & Stephanie Peterson, about their research on Functional Analysis and Self Determination.

Functional Analysis and Self Determination with Dr. Eldridge and Dr. Peterson

In this episode we talk with professor of psychology and psychiatry and director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University, Simon Baron-Cohen, about his book Pattern Seekers: How Autism Drives Human Invention.

How Autism Drives Human Invention with Simon Baron-Cohen

In this episode we talk with the Director of Ethics at the BACB, Dr. Tyra Sellers, and Licensed Psychologist, Linda LeBlanc about their book about supervision and why it’s important in the services we provide our clients and why it’s important in ABA.

Quality Mentorship and Supervision in ABA with Tyra Sellers and Linda LeBlanc

In this episode we talk with the Clinical Psychologist and Author, Dr. Albert Knapp about the importance of using accessible language when educating parents & caregivers about the science of behavior analysis.

Using Accessible Language When Educating Parents with Dr. Albert Knapp

In this episode we talk with Adrienne Bradley, President of BABA about how race impacts the ABA Community and what her organization is doing to fulfill their mission to promote, educate, empower, and disseminate ABA within the black community.

Race and How it Impacts ABA and Our Community with Adrienne Bradley

In this episode we talk with Dr. Debra Berry Malmberg, a licensed psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Associate Professor at CSUN about what it takes to become a Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

What it Takes to Become a Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with Dr. Malmberg

In this episode we talk with Dave Bisbee, Certified Energy Manager (CEM) with nearly thirty years of experience in the energy industry working with commercial, residential, and public-sector customers about their research into Circadian Lighting.

How Lighting Can Affect Your Circadian Rhythm with Dave Bisbee

In this episode we talk with author and distinguished University Professor of Psychology at the USF St. Petersburg, V. Mark Durand about their research into Optimistic Parenting.

Optimistic Parenting and How it Can Help Your Family with V. Mark Durand