Therapy in a Center-Based Environment

Making Personal Connections 

Our Learning Center Services provide a friendly and stimulating atmosphere for children to work on their individual goals as well as interact with others. 

We open up a world of possibilities for your child — encouraging them to challenge themselves and reach their individual goals, as well as providing social opportunities with other children in engaging group activities.  

Our Learning Centers aren’t just any learning environment. They’re transformative play spaces. Many of our Learning Center locations feature sensory gyms, group learning areas, and pretend-play spaces. 

They’re designed exclusively for contemporary ABA. These unique, play-based environments make learning fun and engaging. They’re where your child can start on their path to success in school and in life. 

Our experienced board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) and behavior technicians (BTs) deliver contemporary ABA therapy that emphasizes the joy of learning. 

Through group activities and creative play, we help nurture and cultivate young minds. We teach language and communication skills, develop social and play skills, build tolerance for new routines, and foster friendships. 

Design Element Shape

Setting Infants and Toddlers Up for Success    

We understand how important it is to parents and caregivers that their young ones learn and develop the skills needed to start school off on the right foot. Our “Play with Me—ABA Therapy for Under 3” program does just that.  

In a nurtured environment, our experienced and creative group of Behavior Analysts utilize the Early Start Denver Model and design stimulating activities that encourage children to learn through exploring their surroundings. Insurance-funded, our services include joint attention development, group learning activities, weekly themes, and more, focusing on a variety of developmentally appropriate skills. Children will work on targeted goals and individual needs, such as fine and gross motor areas, health and safety, communication skills, behavioral alternatives, and social skills, setting them up for success in school and life. 

We consider you, the families and caregivers we support, a core partner in your child’s treatment and encourage you to become involved with their goals and target skills. In addition to private parent training sessions with your child’s Behavior Analyst, we also offer group parent training topics throughout the year, including toilet training, sleep, and behavior management techniques. 

Note: This program is offered at select Learning Center locations.